Searching for Stonehenge and Paradise (In Honour of Holy Week)

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Time will not deign requests,
least of all answer threats;
hand’s methodic, indifferent,
perpetually…… insistant,
to the impendings, portendings-
and ultimate endings,
we incur on ourselves,
then tossed on back shelves,
all the sins we have laid,
by Free Will’s sad parade.

And perhaps it’s not fair –
Time carries its air
with obstinate stare,
should ever you dare
to challenge Times hand
and its hourglass sand
by Destiny’s power
dictating ‘The Hour’
that be our last.

You must be agnostic,
or a Doctor of Space
who purges prognostics,
out the sides of your face –
to take on this question
of Time, Life and Lesson,
rebuke Heaven’s Gate,
from logics queer bait
that bookmarks your guile;
look at Abaddon smile.

Still we’re searching, searching,
where great men laid claims
’til Time syncronates
with Destiny’s game.
Poor us…..and in fact-
damn Us and our acts
that Time won’t tolerate
and won’t take back.

What to do, my friend?
Is there Time to repent?
Perhaps time we search
for some grail of soul re-birth,
some renewed ambience…

For the God-Gifts we take
for granted everyday,
and rarely take embrace,
’til Time drops its face
and hands on our shoulders.

– Frank James Ryan Jr


One thought on “Searching for Stonehenge and Paradise (In Honour of Holy Week)

    atul723 said:
    April 1, 2015 at 15:38

    Time has held the timeless at bay. Find it while you are here to stay. (For a little while.) That is when time will smile for you have decoded the immortal whilst you are living.
    Atul Ranchod

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