Happy Mothers’ Day

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If I could tell my mom ‘Happy Mothers Day’

I would write it down in a most impressive way
I would carve it into stone so it would never fade away

I would say it in three languages so all would understand
what it means to have a mom like her now that I’m a man

I would thank her for all the hugs that she gave to me
thank her for the the pushes cause she knew what I could be

Would thank her for the talks where she simply broke it down
she could make me understand like no one else around

She would bust my behind or slap my young face
cause I was doing wrong but never called me a disgrace

She was tough as any man and made me tow the line
but if I ever fell she wasn’t far behind

If I could tell my mom just what she meant to me
it would take a day, maybe two or even three

She was my biggest fan until my kids came along
that’s when she became – the Best Grandma!

I Love You Mom!


– Rusty (Ed) Gibson





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