Grey Skies In July

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We are now well in to the month of July,
But above my head, there’s a leaden sky.
For days on end, it has constantly rained,
And I must say that it’s a right old pain.

Every time that I step out of my door,
The Heavens open and it begins to pour.
This awful weather is getting me down:
My once sunny smile has turned to a frown.

When it rains, it rains nearly all the day long;
For the middle of summer, it feels so wrong.
In July, we should be getting long days of sun,
But, so far, this month, we’ve had hardly none.

I hate these days which are dreary and dull;
With this wet weather, there is hardly a lull.
It was on the radio, that I heard one morning,
Half of Britain had severe weather warnings.

Around the sodden streets, everyone rushes.
Packed to full capacity, are our local buses.
I dare not leave home without my coat.
Very soon, I’ll be needing to buy a boat!

Like many others, I don’t mind confessing,
That I find this weather pretty depressing.
I want this weather to be over and done:
Rain every single day, is certainly no fun.

They say that sunny weather is on its way,
And I’m really looking forward to that day.
Let us all hope that, for the rest of July,
We’ll see some sun and bright blue skies.


– Angela Wybrow

Summer cumulo-nimbus clouds
Summer clouds against a blue sky.

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