Summer On The Farm

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The summer was very hot.
We hadn’t had a lot of rain.
The crops were growing well…
So, we could not complain.

On my parents’ small farm
Plants grew in straight rows.
They were fertilized and hoed.
I toiled as soil dusted my toes.

Other kids were having fun
They were on summer vacation.
It was a time to swim and play.
It was a break from their education.

For me, I became a helping hand.
Summer brought responsibility.
Produce was to be sold at the market.
It was a moneymaking activity.

After all the hours in the sun…
Finally, a tiring day was ending.
The big truck was fully loaded.
Our backs were sore from bending.

Mother said, ‘Let’s have a special treat.’
Holding a muskmelon that was supreme…
She cut two halves and scooped out seeds.
Then filled the empty hollow with ice cream.

The long drudgery of the day seemed to fade
As each delicious mouthful satisfied our palates.
When the final spoonful was slowly consumed
Unaminous approval was cast with smiling ballots.


– Theresa Ann Moore


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