Justice, Peace, Truth and Love

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For justice, truth and peace to flow
Love too has fruit to bear
United must become all four
And practiced everywhere

True justice cannot stand alone
It needs of truth and peace
When love becomes the corner stone
Sweet fruit will never cease

Let’s drink The Truth as sweet old wine
Let love live not in vane
Mix justice now with peace divine
Allow harmony reign

For justice without love is nought
Peace without truth’s a lie
Until the world this fact is taught
Condemned she’s bound to die

To facts of life she must be wise
Her children need to see
Until they look with open eyes
Salvation cannot be

When truth and peace they understand
When love becomes her root
When justice lifts her outstretched hand
She’ll bear the sweetest fruit

Let candour be a constant guide
Integrity wear a crown
Impartiality reign inside
With love as wedding gown

Allow love’s wisdom steadfast rule
Truth’s knowledge change one’s heart
Let peace become our daily tool
Let justice play her part


– Michael P. Johnson




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