Peaceful Life

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The strength of the mind that brings
cleanses to our soul. A complete and
successful aspect of life, to be content
of what we have for life and be satisfy.

Genuine happiness is within us, calm,
quiet of the thoughts and emotion.
The power to imagine things without
reasonable doubt, because the confident
is within ourselves. The positive action clean
motive of doing every direction proven the
action, we achieve, we get what we deserve.

A peaceful mind, peaceful heart generate
power of becoming who we are and where
we are going. To be peace in God and to
our self is a great achievement. The peace
is in our hands. To link in the world materially
is only temporary the world is full of striker,
fool substance spread everywhere.

Always remind ourselves that all thing in here
will banish even life we have right now,
to live in peace is more enjoying, we can
smile deep within our soul to views thoughts
freely. Love life to a perfect simple way,
enjoy it with good things.

‘ Peace I leave to you,
my peace I gave unto you ‘.


– Jocelyn Dunbar



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