Peace On Earth

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Why do we hate them?
Are we Homophobes?
Why did we take them?
They were forced to work.
Are we kidnappers or is that just how it is?
Why do we call them illegal?
Even if they’re not.
Why do we think every Middle Eastern man has a bomb on spot?
We look at people differently
and that is what is shown
We hate them as much as we hate ourselves
and the hatred has steadily grown.
With Gangs and Groups of hatred such as the KKK.
Whats the point for love upon earth?
Seems like it will just blow away.
As time changes so do we.
Prejudice people will still believe what they think is right.
Why are they so stubborn?
Why do they even hate?
Whats the point of loving?
Eventually it will incinerate.
The thing that people should understand
Is in every race there is the same kind of man.
One who hates and One who loves.


– Serk Calrow



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