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Fireworks touch my inner child
That child with innocent delight
Eyes open wide
Gazing up
into the cold black winter sky
anticipation upon anticipation
the excitement builds
the visual memory revealing flashes of previous displays
the flashes, not the bangs?

It begins
the big roman candles and feather volcanoes
low at first
then the big ones
the ones I am here for

the rocket trail ascends
watch closely don’t lose it
the flash, the exploding star, silent for a moment

forget the sound it is the blossoming stars that are magic
As they burst space moves
I am pulled in closer then released

I am a prisoner of their show taken briefly
to the place where I can share with my damaged child
out of sadness
out of fear and darkness
no tears
big smiles, a laugh
a journey to infinity through the magic of these space shifters

True joy beyond the the firework to wondrous
celestial display
mimicry of the universe
that universe that gives to us
that created us
that is us

and for just those rushing minutes
we are anywhere
and everywhere
in the unending inexpicability magic of our universe

and for those same minutes me as child and
me as adult are harmonic
attaining that same frequency
that powers all energy into matter and beyond

Please don’t stop…………………….


– Robin Pratt

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