Autumn’s Twilight

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Autumn’s twilight, orange hew upon the ground, the leaves,
shades of brown and golden yellows make for precious trees.
The wind scuttles the patch work of leaves upon the ground,
blowing them to and throw, turning and flipping them around.

A glimmer of green is hard to find, the sight of nature starts to unwind,
the beauty of the taste, of winter coming, is wonderful to my mind.
A breath of fresh air fills my lungs and reminds me of life,
the crispiness of the ever slight chill, makes me feel alive.

Autumn is a lovely time, where the colours of summer are turned,
my eyes are pleasured as I see and hear nature, I watch and learn.
You see taking the time to look at the leaves and their parents the trees,
makes one realise the importance of life, nature being one of the keys.


– Steven Robinson

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