Sunrise At The Beach

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Once more – once only – I wish I could be
soft as a zephyr in the morning light,
warm, remembering, what you’ll never see,
what I gave and you lost without a fight.

Sunrise splendor of a new-dawning love!
The lush, lustful moments born in a day.
Those moments of magic here and above
blossomed in a most magnificent way.

The longing prevails, try hard as I might;
and the past lives though I wish it would die.
Tangled in tears in the ashes of night,
I caress my soul in the hands of cry.

You’ll never know; I’ll never understand
why I love you beyond sense and reason.
There is one set of footprints in the sand –
mine – a trail of tears to mark the season.

How sweet the myth of love everlasting!
The rain laments in liquid chains of blue.
The words confess, forever forecasting,
that I am helplessly in love with you.


– Linda Marie Van Tassell

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