Winter And All Its Beauty

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The snow is falling
Landing on the ground so lightly
Covering the land of the Earth
Which is so mighty
It lies on the grass
All white and glistening
Making a beautiful sound
As long as you’re listening
It seems to be coming
From nowhere except above
Landing on our noses
Something that we all love
When it starts falling
It brings something with it
And what we call this is winter sports
So get a ticket
It brings basketball
Volleyball, wrestling, and skiing
And reminds us of
The one Holy being
Because winter brings
A great amount of beauty
And takes us back to the story
Of one Man’s great duty
This is the Man
Who gave Christmas its name
He raised the dead
Healed the blind and the lame
He forgave us our sins
So that we may live
The man I am talking about is Jesus
The man who would give
His body, his life
His dignity and all
To be put on a cross
So that we may not fall
He burdened himself
With the sins of everyone
To give us Eternal Life
An amazing job well done
So when we see winter
And all its breathtaking views
Just think of the one Man
Who paid for all of our dues


– Nic Williams

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