Summer Gonna Like Summer!

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The heatwave comes and clothes must change,
The swelter has arrived,
With sudden day trips to arrange
For those once heat-deprived…
So get the kids into that car,
Fill up with petrol, too,
We’re not there yet, it’s way too far,
We’re going to the zoo!

And so the kids stare at each cage,
With oohs and ahs to boot,
With every creature there to gauge,
On if it’s really cute…
The creatures stare back like before,
Just like they do each day,
Until the kids choose to ignore
And simply walk away…

The swelter wearies all on Earth
Within its clammy hold,
Till many wonder what it’s worth,
So hot, not cool, or cold…
Then storm clouds signal change again,
With lightning bolts so loud,
God’s power proves beyond our ken,
We’re humbled, not so proud…

An evening chill indwells each home,
The sweating then subsides,
Though Summer’s like the honeycomb,
It’s here and then it hides…
Enjoy it when it’s not too hot,
Enough to make you smile,
Though short, dear friends, it’s all we’ve got,
Till it returns in style!


– Denis Martindale

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