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he smoke shakes
beneath my roof
and I pour the first glass
of the day.

Outside the world is bathed
in bright sunshine
and people pass my window
in the usual summer dress.

It’s over rated if you ask me.

Give me a storm,
the rain pounding the streets
like the wraith of God,
lighting tearing the sky in two,
thunder rolling like a freight-train.

Give me clouds that leer in
through the window
with the threat of violence.

Give me the sounds
that make people bow their
heads in fear.

That’s when you know you’re alive.

When nature has the planet
by it’s balls and you realise
that with one fail swoop
she could just wipe us all out.

But instead I have this.

Colourful people
in colourful clothes
saying things like

‘Hot enough for you’

‘Man, what about this weather.’

Blissful in their ignorance

and far




happ y.


– Neil Gray

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