Summer Is The Perfect Time

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The sun was shining brightly
As I drove home from school today;
The days are getting warmer and
The rain had gone away.

Summer is a time to be
Enjoying summer days
Relaxing, reading, sleeping late,
Swimming, catching rays.

No more schedules ‘til the fall,
No schoolwork to get done;
Summer is the perfect time
For having lots of fun.

I can stay up later now
And watch my favorite shows,
Go to movies, shop the malls,
And, after that, who knows?

Let’s make the most of every day,
There is no time to lose,
It’s wonderful to have the chance
To do anything we choose.

‘Cause it’s not fun to play alone,
Come spend a day with me;
Summer is the perfect time,
I know you will agree.


– Gail Grierson

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Brown, Edward Archibald, 1866-1935; A Summer Afternoon, the Fields, Bengeo, Hertfordshire


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