Christmas Eve Candlelight

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Mine eyes have seen the Christmas of the many years before
The children lay asleep in bed, the presents on the floor
The tree decorated with its many twinkling lights
The snow that slowly falls outside like Angel dust at night

The wind outside is calm upon this holy night
As I light one candle for a star that once shined bright
The children as they sleep, they dream of Santa’s sleigh
They vision all his Reindeer, they see him on his way

I think about the world and how it has come to be
The soldier that’s not coming home, the broken families
I think about the child somewhere that tonight no food to eat
The gift of life a soul tonight fights desperately to keep

I think about the Christmases that have all come and gone
And how somewhere the tears will fall, someone cries alone
I think about the love in this world that needs to be
And as I say a silent prayer, one candle comforts me

I wish somehow that if life it could allow me more to give
So that love within this world somehow could flourish and could live
But I am but the soul of one whose children sleep tonight
While the Angels decorate in snow the earth just outside

And as my children wake up and they laugh and they play
I hope for you love it comes too, for you it too awakes
And as I sit this Christmas eve tonight this holy night
Know you world and all my love from beneath one candle light.

– Bill Simmons

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