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The month of new beginnings,
Named after Janus,
The Greek god of new beginnings,
With the ever-so-famous New Year’s Day.
The month of winter’s worst,
the wind blowing so hard,
the snow coming down in falls,
blizzards blowing hazardously,
making blind
everything in its path;
the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr,
a man who fought for peace,
and a feast day for Mary,
the cold, the wind,
the snow, the freezing,
the hypothermia, the loss of heat,
the cold temperatures, the ice,
the ice on the roads,
the icicles that hang,
on a beautiful winter day,
the coming of Jack Frost,
when you least expect him,
the new beginnings,
the New Year,
the month of Janus
is ever so near.


– Justin Reamer


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