Africa, Africa, Africa

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Africa, Africa, Africa,
Boiling Africa, Anarchy Africa,
Bleeding Africa, dying Africa.
Let me say again and again
Africa will not die, never,
No death and no one can defeat
Africa at any time for any cause.
Africa was there, Africa is there,
Africa will remain the same there.
Barbarism, lawlessness, militancy
Will go aways on their way,
But Africa will remain the same.
You cannot termed Africa as killing field,
Africa can not be the gateway of
Third Wird war as you termed, my dear.
Africa is the land of peace and harmony.
Know Africa and know yourself, dear.
The women, children all are the fragments
Of nature and part and parcel of nectar.
Africa is the land of innocent creatures.
Africa, Africa, Africa, the land of mankind
The land of our own near and dear,
Let us go together to save the future.


– Gajanan Mishra

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One thought on “Africa, Africa, Africa

    Vinz said:
    March 9, 2018 at 05:15

    Great write, well articulated

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