Pride Of Africa

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Behold her in her passion
Could someone tell me who she is?
A woman from the east Pride of Barbados sent to entice men.
a Woman in her prime with a beautiful body.
So beautiful like the morning glory.
It fade not like the candle, from ages to ages.
Behold her in the middle of the sun
Shinning to the entire world.
She makes the vegetable grow,
Her beauty mint the mountains and her smiles
wakes the entire earth to a glorious morning
And her frown wakes the earthquake.
Her joy knows no bond because she brighten the earth.

I have fallen in love with a total stranger
I have awaken the sleeping lion within.
Will the wind take me for that?
No for her tendency, would she protect me.
her pretty body shall be my dwelling place
Her heart my home till eternity, when
Sorrow shall be no more between us.
How many years will i adore You woman?
To satisfay that which nature have given to you.
To gain that which which nature had given to your body.
Thousand years to come i shall adore you like a goddess
Because you make my dreams come true.

You made me blind woman.
How long will you torment with your beauty.
Yet i die gradually with no cause because i love you.
My mind and spirit are gone far away because of your beauty,
woman of africa, pride of the world.
Behold her in her glory like a sprouting seed.
You built passion of my love, passion of my hobby
Passion of my anger and enthusiasm.
You are my night and my day.
I will love no other than you.

The hurricane wind rose because of her
How i wish she belong here in my heart.
I could have treated her like a goddess.
How gracious you are, your beauty change
My whole life and your charming skin
Transformed my entire world.
Look at the papers and the nylons in the field,
All rose because of you.
The grasses waved in appreciation to your beauty.
Woman, who art thy maker?

I know ages shall come by
I shall be the one to call upon my children
To tell them my experience how the mighty tree
fell because of love.
Who is he that stand between us?
Let him keep off and be save Because
Love does not ask why or how.
Love is honest and pure, gentle and caring,
If the walls fall apart, i will know deep inside of me
Dreams that mattered has come true in this world i love some one.


– John Chizoba Vincent

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