At The Peace Center

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Each word is a stone
rearranged by the spring tide
down at the seashore.

Earth, air, water, fire
are conjoined here in one piece
at each poem’s heart.

When the tide comes in
all the stones are tossed about
by the water waves.

The process goes on
day and night deep in our minds
with each new thought.

There are two movements
ever at work in all things-
even in ourselves.

These movements make us
Tangential and radial.
We stroke and we poke.

We bump and we scrape
as do the smoothed stones
along a cobbly seashore.

We move like the stones
moving down at the mind’s beach
being rearranged.

The rising waters
immerse us and we compose
in recreation.

Our view is shaken
in each kaleidoscopic
movement to novelty.

Those who are ready
to have their world rearranged
drown in the love tide.

Words come together
to make us compatible
at the peace center.


– John L. Waters

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