Walking Along The Countryside

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Walking along the countryside
In the dead of night
I realize that Autumn is here
Tonight’s chilly
But I’m hiding under a cloak as I walk

The trees seem to be scary
Even a little bit eerie
As they continue to lose their leaves
One by one
But they’re a wonder to me
A somewhat majestic display of beauty

Up in the sky
The harvest moon shines
I smile at it
As it shines down on me

The cornfield has been cut down
And it’s deserted all around
The only residents in the field now
are ravens and crows
Hearing them cackle is quite a sound

In the distance
I see a scarecrow
He may not be as warm as me
But there’s a lot of things at times
like this that he knows
Like the weather and the night

Be my guide
See me through the night
Show me the way tonight
My friend

The time continues to flow
And ever onwards I go
Walking along the countryside on this
night surrounded in autumnal beauty
And the mystery of the night


– Justin Gildow


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