Butterflies Flight

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Peter sat upon the stump,
Watching little things,
All different colors,
All different wings.

One was black and spotted,
How it caught his eyes,
It fluttered its little wings,
It tried and tried to fly.

Up you go, said Peter,
You can fly so high,
All you have to do he said,
Is flap with all your might.

Flap the little butterfly did,
Flapped with all its might,
It raised a little in the air,
Then fell down out of fright.

Feeling a little discouraged,
He wiggled his wings and sighed,
Then he got an idea,
And thought, just one last try.

He spread his wings so far,
Flapped them fast and slow,
When he started to raise,
He gave Peter the go.

As he flapped away,
Peter gave a gentle blow,
And that little butterfly,
Gave quiet the little show.

He flew so very high,
That Peter couldn’t see,
Which butterfly was his?
I guess he’s truly free.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


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