Eagle Spirit

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Running beyond the meadows,
To the thicket of forest grass,
The sun was shining high,
As the eagle flew pass.

Watching as he soared,
So high above the land,
I knew my life had meaning,
That there was a bigger plan.

Lifted up so gently,
In Great Bears loving care,
The sky opened up to show,
The Great Spirit waiting there.

Wind blowing threw me,
My vision took new flight,
The Great Bear comforts me,
As I finally give up the fight.

Like mini feature films,
The past played in my head,
Great Spirit opened up my eyes,
And my soul it truly bled.

Tear drops from heaven,
Fell from the sky,
The eagle came down,
And I said good bye.

I thanked the Great Bear,
For the teachings she shared,
And gave thanks to Great Spirit,
For meeting me there.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


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