Month: September 2018

25th September – On This Day In History

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1897 William Faulkner (author)




2016 Arnold Palmer (golfer, winner of 7 Majors)



On This Day:

2017 Transport For London announces that it will not renew Uber’s licence to operate due to background check issues



Have a good Tuesday, 25th September


Autumn Dusk

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In the gathering dusk of Autumn
the mist of evening
rolls across the farms and hills of home
to greet the brisk chill in the air.
Grasses wet with dew
such a relief
from the long summer’s heat;
a gourmet feast for cattle
grazing lazily in the meadows.
The sounds of wood chopping,
smells of burning leaves and
mom’s pies baking in the oven,
all warm, cherished memories
of home in the fall;
exquisite jewels in a crown
I will wear in the long, cold,
less comforting days of winter.


– Carolyn Brunelle


24th September – On This Day In History

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1896 F Scott Fitzgerald (author – The Great Gatsby)




1991 Theodore Geisel (Dr Seuss – author of children’s books) 



On This Day:

1973 Guinea – Bissau declares independence (from Portugal)



Have a good Monday, 24th September

Autumn Leaves

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I am an autumn leaf
Soaring through the air
I am free as a bird
Without a worry or a care

Then suddenly one day
Without a warning in sight
I am forced to the ground
Like lightning to a kite

Suddenly I’m broken
Lying in pieces on the ground
I’m ripped and torn to shreds
And there’s no one around

I lie there for hours
Hoping someone will appear
But when they do
They confirm my fear

Instead of picking me up,
And taking me somewhere sound
They kick me into the gutter
And leave me to rot on the ground

I am an autumn leaf
Left to rot and die
Forgotten by the world
As I wonder, why?


– Allyson Gordon


23rd September – On This Day In History

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1930 Ray Charles (singer & pianist)




1939 Sigmund Freud (father of psychology) 



On This Day:

1979 Somali constitution is approved by its president



Have a good Sunday, 23rd September

Autumn Romance

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Hand in hand they wandered
north-eastward across the vales
during the beautiful autumn time
in England’s Yorkshire Dales.

The sun shone over the valleys
nature was never so fair,
on the day he wooed the one he loved,
the girl with the flaxen hair.

The depth of his soul was captured
by a softness, pure as the snow.
His young life he would surrender
because he adored her so.

Voices echoed from a village church
and as he knelt before his love…
he could hear Mendelssohn’s melody:
‘O For the Wings of a Dove’.

Who else within the whole wide world
could feel such ecstasy rare?
At a time when fairy-tales came true,
they both vowed their lives to share.


– Joyce Hemsley


22nd September – On This Day

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1958 Andrea Bocelli (singer – tenor)




1539 Guru Nanak (founder of Sikhism)



On This Day:

1908 Bulgaria declares independence (from the Ottoman Empire, modern day Turkey)



Have a good Saturday, 22nd September