The Meaning Of Poetry

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Some poetry is never written but walked
Some ink can never paint a feeling perfectly
I mean
An evil walk of a glorified angel
Poetry walks for our hearts
We hold the power
To make sense of our pictures
Some how
Poetry is never written but experienced

No A4 can define a man’s tears
Tears of rage in a page
A tear planted by memories of a bee bite
Small bites come in bigger motives
Calculating a man’s brave height
I mean
Bees target patience hidden in our Godly given smiles
Poetry runs kilomiters to keep our ears boiling
We ignore the meaning to question the rhythm
No A4 can age a man’s real life in a page

Stage or no stage
Some poetry is far from pages close to our eyes
Eyes that see blindfolded missions before missions twist visions
Visions in poetry exercise telescopic sights
I mean
A software designed to keep humans away from evil sites
Poetry is a snipper rifle set in a distant light for a battle fight
The accurate placement of a writer’s thoughts speaking rights

Stage or no page
Some poetry is never spoken
Poetry speaks in tongues when hearts are broken
It does
cook words before your corrupted ovens singing changeable change

Plan and change but never change your plans
I mean
If you change your changes your meanings will change other people’s feelings
Poetry speak feelings to change life’s meanings
Lazy but words holds the power to give us strength

It’s the meaning behind meanings of a meaning
From a snipper sitting on the rooftop site of Mount knowledge
I mean
We see things beyond identity’s changes
To change directions of a deadly plan

Just maybe

Maybe poetry means
You and me

Some poetry is never written
A Queen’s voice on my poetry changes your reaction
Concrete keys on some brains with her voice
I mean
The unseen is never seen unless the affection is heard
Clean armpits dont always smell truth in poetry
Plan your changes and never change to plan

– Raymond Ngomane