I Thought The Train Would Never Come

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I thought the Train would never come –
How slow the whistle sang –
I don’t believe a peevish Bird
So whimpered for the Spring –
I taught my Heart a hundred times
Precisely what to say –
Provoking Lover, when you came
Its Treatise flew away
To hide my strategy too late
To wiser be too soon –
For miseries so halcyon
The happiness atone –


– Emily Dickinson


28th December – On This Day In History

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1954 Denzel Washington (actor – St Elsewhere)




1734 Rob Roy (Scottish hero)

unknown artist; Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734)


On This Day:

1846 Iowa becomes the 29th State of the USA



Have a good Friday, 28th December

The Reticent Volcano Keeps

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The reticent volcano keeps
His never slumbering plan –
Confided are his projects pink
To no precarious man.

If nature will not tell the tale
Jehovah told to her
Can human nature not survive
Without a listener?

Admonished by her buckled lips
Let every babbler be
The only secret people keep
Is Immortality.


– Emily Dickinson


27th December – On This Day In History

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1822 Louis Pasteur (invented pasteurization) 




2016 Carrie Fisher (actress – Star Wars)



On This Day:

1943 The Scharnhorst (German battleship) sinks in the Barents Sea

2. Weltkrieg, Seekrieg, Marine Deutschland: Schlachtschiff 'Scharnhorst' auf See. 1943Gemaelde (Gouache) von O. Rahardt 2010


Have a good Thursday, 27th December

Boxing Day Feeling

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This Christmas I’ve been lucky,
First time home in six long months,
All these lovley presents I got,
From my brother I got a lovley watch,
From my parents I got a great hairdryer,
Also a pair of boots all white.

From my sister am elephant Dumbo,
From my chap a transistor radio Bimbo.
So many presents are enough o make you weep,
So many presents its all a really great treat,
All my presents are really great,
I also had some quite late.

I also had some Avon,
Lots of perfumes to try on,
Jewellery can come with such a treat,
Proud to walk down the street,
Tissues to wave goodbye,
When a tear turns into a cry.

I have a really great chap,
I love to sit upon his lap,
To me, he is so very kind,
To him, I nearly always wine,
I don’t know why he puts up with it,
I’m sure I get on his wit.

I don’t know why he’s so good to me,
Really I have been too lucky,
I act like a kid at times,
He never really seems to mind,
One day I’ll end up over his lap,
Down with his hand with a smack!

My life is so very tight,
My life seems anything but light,
I want to go and rome the streets,
Go out and give myself a treat,
But if I do will I be happy?
If I do, will I be laughing?

I’ll go out and mingle with a crowd,
Where the music flows quite loud,
I’ll go out and climb a tree,
Run across a field like I was free,
Go out and mingle with the flowers,
Pick them and watch them for hours.

Have I a mind of my own?
Have I silly ways that show?
I now have a career I longed for,
With children it’s never a bore,
But I’m never rally free,
There’s always someone by the side of me.

I don’t know what its like to be happy,
I don’t know what its like to be laughing,
Do I rely on someone all the time?
If I’m told off, do I wine?
I’ll go to America and get shot,
I’ll go behind bars, and let someone turn the lock.

Christmas is meant to be a happy time,
When everyone comes out alive,
Out comes a bottle of wine,
When everyone sits to dine,
On the plate with veg and gravy,
Part of a nine-pound turkey.

Why do we celebrate at all?
When some of us don’t know what for,
Or we may not believe in it,
May as well pack our bags and beat it.
Why can’t we for once in our lives,
Lift up our hands and feel bright.

Christmas is suppose to be happy,
All telling jokes and laughing,
Everyone else is awake,
And me, thinking of old time sake,
With me not believing in Christ,
Celebrating Christmas is not wise.


– Claire Galpin


26th December – On This Day In History

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1986 Kit Harrington (actor – Game of Thrones)




2001 Nigel Hawthorne (actor)



On This Day:

1982 TIME announces that its Man Of The Year is a computer



Have a good Wednesday, 26th December

Christmas Joy

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How bright the Christmas lights
Oh, I enjoy every single one
Little elves are sparkling
So busy and on the run

Santa Claus and sleigh
Dazzling in the dark
A beautiful assortment
At homes or in the park

Brilliance across the water
Little soldier standing guard
Tree tall and magnificent
Such activity in the yards

There is stillness in the air
With the icy winter weather
Amidst the sparkling lights
At Christmas as we gather

So take that holiday stroll
Or drive around your town
There is happiness everywhere
Christmas joy is spread around!


– Marilyn Lott


25th December – On This Day In History

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1642 Isaac Newton (physicist – Gravity & Laws of Motion)




2016 George Michael (musician – Wham!)



On This Day:

1946 Taiwan accepts its constitution



Have a good Tuesday, 25th December

Magic Of Snow At Christmas

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The beautiful reflection……,
Of the moon and the stars…..,
On the snow covered fields….,
Is a wonder all its own…..,
The falling silky flakes…..,
Of white create……,
An unexplainable vision…..,
That brings joy to the viewer….,
God has blessed us……,
With the Magic Of Christmas Snow…! ! !


– Trade Martin


27th December – On This Day In History

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1822 Matthew Arnold (poet)




1524 Vasco Da Gama (explorer)



On This Day:

1954 Laos gains independence



Have a good Monday, 24th December