Peace and Harmony

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Well said. Thank you!


00d42-peace-faith-and-hope-mdEverybody wants peace these days. The truth is…only a few are willing to do something to get it. We must do our part. Our part is turning our backs on wrongdoers. Our part is calling out wrongdoers in a loving manner when they attack others rather than waiting until they attack us. Our part is being courageous because only courage can face down hate. No matter how haters dress up hate we must recognize its stench. I would rather be called a loudmouth agitator for speaking out against hate than be silent and thought of as a supporter. If you want peace and harmony know that peace and hate – no matter where it hails – cannot coexist amicably.

Be Encouraged!

Nyah Lynn

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To Those Back At School…

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To all of you who are back at school now after your Easter break…

Whether you are a school pupil or a university student (and everyone in between), remember…

Education is a huge privilege and one of the finest gifts that society can give you. It open your mind, and teaches you about the world around you. Through education, you make friends and build networks. You learn how to think and analyse the world around you, and come out of the darkness of ignorance. You might think that you are just learning “boring stuff”, but it is so much more than that. Open you mind and imagination – apply what you are taught.

There are those who are refused education due to constraints of their societies, financial difficulties, gender and religion. Imagine the hurdles that they have to overcome to lead successful lives!

Embrace your opportunities – please!

In the words of that famous and wise statesman,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)



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Very well put. Imagine a world where we are all free to express our beliefs without fear of judgement – and can respect others.


baby girl

I’d be lying if I told you that I am not a religious person (and by that I mean I have a personal relationship with God) , that I don’t believe in the existence in only ONE supreme deity, that I don’t pray for all of humanity to agree that my God is the only God. And I am not alone, because a lot of people in the world probably have the same belief.

So how does this become a problem?

This becomes a problem when I think less of other people because their beliefs are different from mine. It becomes a problem when I think its not okay to be friends with and interact with people with different spiritual inclinations. It becomes a problem when I become so engrossed with my faith that I stop being sensitive to the needs of OTHER people. Needs like love, compassion, encouragement, acceptance…

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Rhythm of Africa

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Dance, dance!
With the muse of Africa;
Tap, tap!
With the rhythm of Africa;
Moving your body and,
Moving your steps;
To the sounds and cultures of the various tribes in Africa.
Dance, dance!
To the rhythm of Africa;
Tap, tap!
With the movements of the muse of Africa;
To a continent of nature’s muse,
To a continent of multi-languages,
To a continent full of colours!
Fron North, South, East and West;
Come to Africa and see things for yourselves.
Rhythm of Africa,
Rhythm of various customs and cultures,
Rhythm of the various countries in Africa,
Rhythm of the animals,
With the beauty of nature as seen around.
Dance, dance!
Dance with the steps and shke your body;
To the rhythm of Africa touching your heart and soul.
Tap, tap!
With the movements of the muse of Africa;
Rhythm of Africa!
With the muse of various races in Africa;
Expressing their cultures and customs to the muse of the rhythm of Africa.

– Edward Kofi Louis


The Green Far Away

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I stand on the tee with the ball in my hand
And look at the green far away
I decide on an iron that slides from my bag
And set the ball on the Tee
I practice my swing till it feels kind of right
Then set my club to the ball
As I club head comes down and collides with the ball
I watch it fly through the air
I think it look good as it lands on the green
A little left of the hole
The slope of the green swings the ball to the right
As the ball gets close to the flag
The ball keeps on rolling across the green turf
As the ball approaches the hole
I stand there amazed as the ball disappears
As I look at the Green far away

– Justin Time


Mother Africa Smiles

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Africa Smiles…
As Her Captured Children’s Strength Survives
Africa Smiles…
As Her Cultures and Comportment Thrives
and As Anglo / Caucasian-Persuasion Desires
Joins Euro… To Ancient Kush and Congo Lives
In Manner and Speech and Slang and Strides
and Intergrated-Jives and New Age Styles
and Black Berry Lips of Voluptuous Size
… Yes, Mother Africa Smiles

Africa Smiles…
Covered In Coal Dust of Diamonds Pressurized
Africa Smiles…
With A Star-Lit-Sparkle, In Her Big, Dark Eyes
and Like A Milky, White Moon – Her Full Teeth Shines
Saying, ‘You Too, Will Dance The Dance of My Child’
… O’ Yes, Mother Africa Smiles

Africa Speaks…
Calling To Our Hips, Our Bosoms, Our Feet
Pounding and Pulsing – Even Strained, She Seeps
At First, Her Voice Was Soft and Weak
Then Vocal Tremor Became Tribal Deep!
Across The Earth, Her Sound Sways and Sweeps
Saying, ‘You Too, Will Feel My Heart’s Drumbeats’
And Like A Sultry Siren – Africa Sings So Sweet
Songs So Warm-Bodied and Sleek
… Africa Smiles, Singing Us To Sleep

Yet, Africa Bleeds…
Almost Bled Dry As Her Arabian Sands, Shifts & Increase
Africa Bleeds…
Even Tho’ Her Resources Are As Rich As Jeweled Sheiks
Africa Bleeds…
As Her Continental Beauty, She Struggles To Keep
Africa Bleeds…
Like Poured-Out-Souls, Inked Upon Ledger Sheets
Africa Bleeds…
Like A Slow, Boiling Passion of Lava-Flowing Heat
Africa Bleeds…
Into Far Away Fields and Neighborhood Streets

Africa Bleeds…
And One Drop of Her Blood Floods Like The Power of Seas
and It Makes Her Children Hold Out Their Arms To Reach
And At Her Tears, Her Children Fall To Their Knees
But One Day, Dear Mother… GOD Will Heal The Breach

and Teach – That Mother Africa Holds A Place Unique
And When We Remember – How We Ate Her Seeds
And Climbed Up Her Bosom Like Proud Pyramid Peaks
And Kissed Her Rivers of Glowing Sunset Cheeks…

Africa Smiles Again and Dries The Blood, She Weeps
And Africa’s Smile Will Transform The World’s Waiting Scene
Rising From Forgotten Shadows To GOD’s Garden of Peace
For When Africa Smiles All Civilization Will Greet…

Africa’s Smile

– Moonbee Canady


Tee Shot

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Stance, grip,
settle in, shake out,
place the club head,
sweet spot kissing
the doomed ball,
a ripe plum
against the steel.
Doubt about
the Oppenheimer reallocation.
Eye on the ball,
a visual feast,
view the flag,
take a picture of it
with the mind,
eye on the ball.
A breeze, a frown,
left foot forward
a millimeter,
club head opened
four thousands of an inch,
the reckoning
of terrible variables.
Imagine the Masters:
“Mr Scott Davis of Fort Wayne Indiana,
you are away.”
Perfection, shake out,
wiggling hips,
exhale, the paroxysm
of tension, mind and body
The flag appears
as a scrapbook photograph,
the drum roll crescendo
of concentration stops.
The Oppenheimer reallocation
was a good move.
It’s time.
The back swing,
a slow pendulum
of machine precision
rises to the twisted apex
and hovers.
The sword of Damocles,
falls slowly to release.
Scott gives it his all.
Eye off the ball.
The Oppenheimer reallocation.
Follow through.
There it is!
The ball is shooting straight
down the fairway
as an artillery round,
climbing to trajectory,
rising, hanging, hanging
beyond gravity,
falling, falling, dropping.
Direct hit on the green,
rolling, rolling, stopping
ten feet from the pin.
Could be better but
birdie is possible –
very possible.
Scott lifts the heavy golf bag
and soldiers down the fairway.
The sun could not
be brighter,
the sky more blue,
the grass more green,
the birds more musical.
Scott is hopeful
of birdie
on Par 3.

– Peter Kautsky