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I enjoyed your article – thank you! Different version of the “truth” is something that educators have to unravel every day. And this is certainly not limited to the children! Parents are the worst offenders here, and it becomes incredibly difficult to get to and share simple truths in this “PC” world of ours. Perhaps a willingness to accept and deal with simple truth would help an awful lot of youngsters early on.


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Everything isn’t as complex and complicated as people make it out to be… It’s the responses!  You know people can suck up the feel good stories in their lives and become so detached from reality that it comes off mental. This is a form of abuse that no one likes to talk about. Being an enabler of warped behavior!

And I think that is just absolutely wonderful when we have great stories to share.  I think what is absolutely takes me there…Is when I see people who see the truth, know the truth, and will grasp perception. In other words…

Little Johnnie is a thief and has always been  a thief, …. caught on camera stealing apples at 7. Here comes the horrible parent rebuttal. “They must have done something to Little Johnnie”.

Okay…in their mindset of entrapment… their response to everything leave it alone it will die down, it will all…

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In Salutation To Eternal Peace

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Men say the world is full of fear and hate,
And all life’s ripening harvest-fields await
The restless sickle of relentless fate.

But I, sweet Soul, rejoice that I was born,
When from the climbing terraces of corn
I watch the golden orioles of Thy morn.

What care I for the world’s desire and pride,
Who know the silver wings that gleam and glide,
The homing pigeons of Thine eventide?

What care I for the world’s loud weariness,
Who dream in twilight granaries Thou dost bless
With delicate sheaves of mellow silences?

Say, shall I heed dull presages of doom,
Or dread the rumoured loneliness and gloom,
The mute and mythic terror of the tomb?

For my glad heart is drunk and drenched with Thee,
O inmost wind of living ecstasy!
O intimate essence of eternity!

– Sarojini Naidu



Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day 2015.

Let’s take a little bit of time to be grateful for our beautiful planet, and consider how we can contribute to making it a better place – in so many different ways.

A poem, then…

Earth Day

I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
Each blade of grass,
Each honey tree,
Each bit of mud,
And stick and stone
Is blood and muscle,
Skin and bone.
And just as I
Need every bit
Of me to make
My body fit,
So Earth needs
Grass and stone and tree
And things that grow here
That’s why we
Celebrate this day.
That’s why across
The world we say:
As long as life,
As dear, as free,
I am the Earth
And the Earth is me.
 – Jane Yolen

21st April – On This Day in History

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1619 Jan van Riebeek (founder / Governor of the Cape Colony)



1910 Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) American author


On This Day:

1982 £1 coin introduced in the UK


Have a good Tuesday, April 21st!


Exposure of Child Predators

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Thank you for your article. It is important that we educate our children – constantly – to the dangers out there, and how to keep themselves as safe as possible. But my point is that once off courses etc are not enough. Kids need be constantly reminded by all adults who care for them – teachers, parents etc. about internet safety. And I agree with your point of a “Catfish” style sting. There was a show a while back where child groomers were lured to a meet, and then interviewed, outed and arrested. Maybe something like that?

*B e c o m i n g S o m e t h i n g M o r e*

I don’t know about any of you but I cannot imagine having a child exposed to adult sites which involve a webcam. Yes, you can argue there are other important things to worry about right now in the world but this really is an issue that needs to be addressed!

There are dirty, old, perverted men out there, ‘Skyping’ your children, your nieces and nephews, and your siblings! I think it’s an absolute outrage and more should be done to protect children from such exposure and prying eyes!

My boyfriend sent me a link to a video of a young lad exposing these men for the vermin’s they are! He claims to be a “13 year old girl”, suggesting they show themselves first and then he’ll show himself. This is exactly the procedure he follows. Unbelievably these men feel it is ok to look at children and to show them…

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Making Peace

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A voice from the dark called out,
“The poets must give us
imagination of peace, to oust the intense, familiar
imagination of disaster. Peace, not only
the absence of war.”

But peace, like a poem,
is not there ahead of itself,
can’t be imagined before it is made,
can’t be known except
in the words of its making,
grammar of justice,
syntax of mutual aid.

A feeling towards it,
dimly sensing a rhythm, is all we have
until we begin to utter its metaphors,
learning them as we speak.

A line of peace might appear
if we restructured the sentence our lives are making,
revoked its reaffirmation of profit and power,
questioned our needs, allowed
long pauses. . . .

A cadence of peace might balance its weight
on that different fulcrum; peace, a presence,
an energy field more intense than war,
might pulse then,
stanza by stanza into the world,
each act of living
one of its words, each word
a vibration of light—facets
of the forming crystal.

– Denise Levertov



Peace – My Beloved Country

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In response to the terrible xenophobic violence in South Africa, and as a way of expressing my despair at an article that I have just read where the author is clearly trying to escalate this hatred by inciting South Africans against each other along race lines (cleverly playing the “blame game”), I have found this poem and published it below…

Somewhere an eagle flies
soaring o’er the dappled skies of Africa
Somewhere a tortoise cries
ploughing through the vast disguise of Africa.
A springbok dies and a day is born
The sun comes up to greet the dawn;
A child is sighing like a bird
And a nation is sounding a very new word.

Somewhere an apple train
waddles through the winding plains of Africa.
Somewhere a sparrow feigns
acting out the birthing pains of Africa.
A lizard leaps to his mother’s scorn:
‘Farwell, ‘ she says to her first born
A breeze is lifting a newly-fledged bird
And a nation is sounding a very new word.

Somewhere a new sunrise
burgeoning before our eyes in Africa
Has seen our children’s weary sighs
bursting into happy smiles in Africa.
An aardvark snuffles through the corn
And winks an eye at a golden fawn
A sunbird is singing like you’ve never heard
And a nation is sounding a very new word.

– Margaret Kollmer