Live Like a Child

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.


Live Like a Child

I was born.. but I found not the meaning of birth..

If you died, A sudden embark to a land beyond.. You couldn’t fathom death either..

I lived an innocence.. Forgotten for long..Then I lived in it from the out..

The fight for a candy.. Moments pass… huddled together with silly tongues..

Candies.. toys.. A run across the fields heedless of the sundown.. or the scorcher sunshine…

I felt the hallucinations we impose on thy innocence… I felt the trysts we curse it with..

Now you are mashed, molded, drained, rushing towards a speck of life you see afar.. ..

You know your colors well, but see them as spots.. Unseeing them in nature’s joyous endowment..

You know the variances.. but you forgo.. then turn away from the nature of their wondrous existence..

But I lived in it from the out.. you must to.. Because…

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The Rose of Peace

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IF Michael, leader of God’s host
When Heaven and Hell are met,
Looked down on you from Heaven’s door-post
He would his deeds forget.
Brooding no more upon God’s wars
In his divine homestead,
He would go weave out of the stars
A chaplet for your head.
And all folk seeing him bow down,
And white stars tell your praise,
Would come at last to God’s great town,
Led on by gentle ways;
And God would bid His warfare cease,
Saying all things were well;
And softly make a rosy peace,
A peace of Heaven with Hell.

– William Butler Yeats


St George’s Day

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Today is St George’s Day. In case you didn’t know, St George is the patron saint of England – and famous for slaying a dragon! Of course, there was a fair maiden involved too…!

A recent poem to celebrate, recently commissioned by the English Heritage…

St George was out walking
He met a dragon on a hill,
It was wise and wonderful
Too glorious to kill

It slept amongst the wild thyme
Where the oxlips and violets grow
Its skin was a luminous fire
That made the English landscape glow

Its tears were England’s crystal rivers
Its breath the mist on England’s moors
Its larder was England’s orchards,
Its house was without doors

St George was in awe of it
It was a thing apart
He hid the sleeping dragon
Inside every English heart

So on this day let’s celebrate
England’s valleys full of light,
The green fire of the landscape
Lakes shivering with delight

Let’s celebrate St George’s Day,
The dragon in repose;
The brilliant lark ascending,
The yew, the oak, the rose

– Brian Patten


22nd April – On This Day in History

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Aaron Spelling (TV producer of such shows as Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty etc)



1994 Richard Nixon (37th President of the USA)


On This Day:

1889 Oklahoma land rush begins (many jump the gun, earning the name “Sooners”)


Have a good Wednesday, 22nd April!


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A quote that I came across today – and one that we educators need to bear in mind when dealing with those little characters in our school!

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

The more I turn that about in my head, the more interesting it becomes, and the more I understand the importance of those words.


Kick-Start Your Comments

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Thank you very much for an interesting and informative article. You are absolutely right – blogging is not only a way of expressing ourselves, but also a way of connecting with other people from all over the world!

The Daily Post

Blogging is 50% self-expression, 50% community — bloggers who don’t want to connect with others are few and far between, and most of us get a little frisson of excitement every time we’re notified that one of our posts has moved someone enough to leave a comment.

If your comment section is populated mainly by tumbleweeds, never fear! Try one (or all) of these to up the odds of starting a conversation with your readers:

  • Have an opinion. Opinions are the lifeblood of blogs — your unique perspective gets us reading, and reacting to that perspective gets us commenting. You may want to appeal to the widest audience by keeping your blog blandly balanced, but you’ll miss out on the thing that makes blogs compelling: point of view. Without a point of view, you won’t get negative comments… but you won’t get positive ones, either. (Worried about being too blunt? We’ve got some tips that’ll help.)

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I enjoyed your article – thank you! Different version of the “truth” is something that educators have to unravel every day. And this is certainly not limited to the children! Parents are the worst offenders here, and it becomes incredibly difficult to get to and share simple truths in this “PC” world of ours. Perhaps a willingness to accept and deal with simple truth would help an awful lot of youngsters early on.


th (41)

Everything isn’t as complex and complicated as people make it out to be… It’s the responses!  You know people can suck up the feel good stories in their lives and become so detached from reality that it comes off mental. This is a form of abuse that no one likes to talk about. Being an enabler of warped behavior!

And I think that is just absolutely wonderful when we have great stories to share.  I think what is absolutely takes me there…Is when I see people who see the truth, know the truth, and will grasp perception. In other words…

Little Johnnie is a thief and has always been  a thief, …. caught on camera stealing apples at 7. Here comes the horrible parent rebuttal. “They must have done something to Little Johnnie”.

Okay…in their mindset of entrapment… their response to everything leave it alone it will die down, it will all…

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