Espresso vs filtered coffee

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Important for those of you on diet…filtered coffee contains only 0.6% fat, while brewed espresso contains 2.5% fat! Not counting the milk and sugar of course!


Tea Break!

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Did you know that the tradition of a tea break has been part of British culture for over 200 years. It started when workers began their day at 6am, or even as early as 5am, and employers allowed a mid morning break for a cup of tea and something to eat. This was sometimes repeated in the afternoon.

Coffee Commodity!

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Did you know that coffee is second only to oil as the most sold commodity in the world!

Tea and your teeth

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Tea is a natural source of flouride – which accumulates in the tea plant from the soils in which it grows. Flouride is good for protecting your teeth, so, it turns out, tea is good for your teeth (without the sugar, that is!).

Hot Chocolate

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Researchers at Cornell University in New York have discovered that a cup of cocoa contains up to three times more antioxidant value than green tea, and five times more than black tea. But don’t overdo it – the amount of sugar we tend to put into a cup of cocoa is not always particularly healthy!

King Charles II

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In 1675, coffee houses were banned in England by King Charles II, as he believed that they were meeting places for people who were plotting against him.

Tea – black or white?

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Did you know that tea, without milk or sugar, contains no calories? But four cups of tea with milk will give you up to 21% of your recommended daily calcium!