annalee hopkins somerville

Running Rabbit

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Run little rabbit,
With a pounding heart so fast,
Run little rabbit,
You can’t escape the past.

Faster little rabbit,
Your heart bursts from your chest,
You have no peace,
When you live a life of regret.

Run little rabbit,
Down the windy path,
Run little rabbit,
Dodging the Wolf’s wrath.

Run little rabbit,
To a place where you can hide,
To a place you call home,
That secret place inside.

Poor little rabbit,
Your pounding heart gives you away,
There is nowhere else to go,
Sanity slowly rips away.

Sleep pretty rabbit,
The time has come to rest,
Restore your inner core,
Your sanity requests.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Windy Storm

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The wind was blowing,
Snow pelts coming down,
I was walking on a pathway,
Not a soul was a round.
When out of the corner of my eye,
I did see..
A little chickadee,
Jumping from branch to branch,
To keep up with me.
Dare I stop to hear,
If a message he cared to share?
Dare I look,
I may scare him and he’ll,
Fly away and disappear?
Into the wind, that blew so steadily,
The snow that dropped like pelts,
Stinging my face and ears..
No! I’ll keep his companionship quietly,
His way a compassing form,
He showed me to safety and shelter,
Out of the windy storm.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Rolling Storm

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Dark clouds moving in slowly,
Casting a shadow like that of night,
The wind silently howls to you,
You anticipate a show of delight.

Delight which did not show itself,
No dancing souls across the sky,
Dark clouds you are deceiving,
Why? Oh Why? Oh Why?

Maybe no dancing souls,
No shadows cast from this delight,
Surely the rain itself…
Is beauty within its own right.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Full Moon

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By the light of the Full Moon, I stood and gave thanks for its beauty and power. I expanded my soul and sent a vortex of light and energy to other Divine Spiritual Beings that are suffering. I asked the Great Bear to fill them with love, light and healing energy.

By the light of the Full Moon, I asked to be cleansed, so that I may continue on my healing journey. I asked that these hard times pass and to let things come to an end in my current situation -peacefully, so that the next phase of my journey can begin.

By the light of the Full Moon, I danced, I sang, I cried, and gave thanks for all the blessings, big and small, and most importantly…
my existence.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Ode To Summer

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The suns heat no longer scorches,
Leaves turn from green to brown,
Fall is soon approaching,
Leaves scatter to the wind and ground.

Wind changes direction,
The Bee’s don’t seem to care,
They turn aggravated and tormented,
As the summer breeze turns to fall’s cool air.

Squirrels building homes,
Paper and leaves crammed in their mouth,
Birds in open skies do roam,
Making their way back to the south.

Butterflies in final flight,
The wind allows them to glide,
Dragonflies till the dusk of night,
Fall’s here – Summer we bid goodbye.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Eagle Spirit

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Running beyond the meadows,
To the thicket of forest grass,
The sun was shining high,
As the eagle flew pass.

Watching as he soared,
So high above the land,
I knew my life had meaning,
That there was a bigger plan.

Lifted up so gently,
In Great Bears loving care,
The sky opened up to show,
The Great Spirit waiting there.

Wind blowing threw me,
My vision took new flight,
The Great Bear comforts me,
As I finally give up the fight.

Like mini feature films,
The past played in my head,
Great Spirit opened up my eyes,
And my soul it truly bled.

Tear drops from heaven,
Fell from the sky,
The eagle came down,
And I said good bye.

I thanked the Great Bear,
For the teachings she shared,
And gave thanks to Great Spirit,
For meeting me there.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville


Butterflies Flight

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Peter sat upon the stump,
Watching little things,
All different colors,
All different wings.

One was black and spotted,
How it caught his eyes,
It fluttered its little wings,
It tried and tried to fly.

Up you go, said Peter,
You can fly so high,
All you have to do he said,
Is flap with all your might.

Flap the little butterfly did,
Flapped with all its might,
It raised a little in the air,
Then fell down out of fright.

Feeling a little discouraged,
He wiggled his wings and sighed,
Then he got an idea,
And thought, just one last try.

He spread his wings so far,
Flapped them fast and slow,
When he started to raise,
He gave Peter the go.

As he flapped away,
Peter gave a gentle blow,
And that little butterfly,
Gave quiet the little show.

He flew so very high,
That Peter couldn’t see,
Which butterfly was his?
I guess he’s truly free.


– Annalee Hopkins Somerville