audrey heller

The Perfect Summer

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There are wondrous places to find, to
help you unwind, under trees, that have
ample shading. A place within reach,
close to the beach, making it accessible
to go bathing. The kids are excited now,
as we approach our destination. They’re
talked about it constantly, since their
summer vacation. It’s invigorating, being
outdoors, breathing in the fresh salty air.
As a matter of fact, I’d rather be here,
then almost anywhere. When it’s time to
eat, it’s a special treat, there’s lots of
good things, we brought from home.
Everything, tastes so delicious, because
now, you’re not eating alone. The day starts
to dwindle down, it’s time for us to go. It was
a perfect day, in every way and I don’t mind,
telling you so!


– Audrey Heller

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