16th June – On This Day In History

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1829 Geronimo (Apache Chief) 




1990 Eva Turner (soprano) 



On This Day:

1903 Pepsi Cola company is formed



Have a good Friday, 16th June

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A Cup of Cappuccino

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Medium heat showers at six in the morning
Freshen me up with that needed zest
Vitalizing me to face another day
The flow of water sounds like waterfalls
Pinnacles of a bathroom
Smells of hygiene everywhere
Shampoos, creamy soaps and aftershave lotions
What a day to start your motion

Back to my room
It’s like a routine; I’d know which band of clothes to choose
Soaking cologne to my body is a boost
Enhancing your confidence
And be more prudent
My wet look
Would make women get hooked

After doing my routine, I step out of the front door
Grabbing the morning newspaper from the lawn
Back to the living room
A delightful aroma of the best natural coffee
Penetrates my nostrils
My brain sends signals to my body
‘Be ready for energy and vitality’
I sit down in the kitchen
Reading the headlines and checking my schedule
I pick up the cup on the table
My passion is tested
I deeply inhale
The first sip could expand your blood vessels
After the next sips
I could feel the blood rush
My heart was beating faster
Like a conga beat

The caffeine with a dropp of chocolates
Driving me to a roller coaster ride
That is what I need
To face the world
Get a cup of coffee
Get a Cappuccino
Don’t say no
You’ll know

– Sulaiman Mohd Yusof


Oh, Coffee!

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“Oh Coffee, you dispel the worries of the Great, you point the way to those who have wandered from the path of knowledge. Coffee is the drink of the friends of God, and of his servants who seek wisdom.

…No one can understand the truth until he drinks of its frothy goodness. Those who condemn coffee as causing man harm are fools in the eyes of God.

Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold it brings to every man the feeling of luxury and nobility….Take time in your preparations of coffee and God will be with you and bless you and your table. Where coffee is served there is grace and splendor and friendship and happiness.

All Cares vanish as the coffee cup is raised to the lips. Coffee flows through your body as freely as your life’s blood, refreshing all that it touches: look you at the youth and vigor of those who drink it.

Whoever tastes coffee will forever forswear the liquor of the grape. Oh drink of God’s glory, your purity brings to man only well-being and nobility“

– Sheik Ansari Djezeri Hanball Abd-al-Kadir, 1587


Coffee People

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“Coffee is a lot like people. In many ways, it’s deceiving. The sweetness that you smell as it brews is more often than not a fallacy. The scent of a dark roasted coffee bean promises you rich flavors with hints of chocolate and hazelnut, but if you’re not used to coffee’s deceptiveness, you’re left with a bitter aftertaste dangling at the back of your throat. To those of us who are used to it- we’ve grown a fondness for that bitter taste. It’s complex. It’s teasing. It reminds us that most things in life are not consistently sweet with every sip. One morning, your coffee might brew mild with just a flirtation of nutty undertones, And the next morning, it might be pelting you in the face with those same nuts, leaving little stinging marks with each sip. It’s moody. It’s not easy to perfect. But when you get the perfect brew, it’s rewarding. And that same perfection is not guaranteed tomorrow just because you managed it today.”

― Katana Collins, Soul Stripper