Christmas Joy

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How bright the Christmas lights
Oh, I enjoy every single one
Little elves are sparkling
So busy and on the run

Santa Claus and sleigh
Dazzling in the dark
A beautiful assortment
At homes or in the park

Brilliance across the water
Little soldier standing guard
Tree tall and magnificent
Such activity in the yards

There is stillness in the air
With the icy winter weather
Amidst the sparkling lights
At Christmas as we gather

So take that holiday stroll
Or drive around your town
There is happiness everywhere
Christmas joy is spread around!


– Marilyn Lott


25th December – On This Day In History

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1642 Isaac Newton (physicist – Gravity & Laws of Motion)




2016 George Michael (musician – Wham!)



On This Day:

1946 Taiwan accepts its constitution



Have a good Tuesday, 25th December

Magic Of Snow At Christmas

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The beautiful reflection……,
Of the moon and the stars…..,
On the snow covered fields….,
Is a wonder all its own…..,
The falling silky flakes…..,
Of white create……,
An unexplainable vision…..,
That brings joy to the viewer….,
God has blessed us……,
With the Magic Of Christmas Snow…! ! !


– Trade Martin


Christmas Begins With Christ

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A velvet sky, a starry night,
Blankets of snow, twinkles of light.
Sounds of music fill the air,
Gifts of love, wrapped in care.
Love ones gather from far and near,
To celebrate this time of year.
Behold each one face to face,
In all their wonder, all their grace.
Bubbles of laughter, echoes of joy,
All began with one small boy.
Born in a manger, lying in hay,
Changed the world that first Christmas day.
Ever so humble, this king was He,
Came to save the world, to set us free.
Oh, how He loves us, each precious one,
Jesus lived and died, God’s only son.
So however you celebrate this ‘Christmas’ season,
Never, never forget, ‘Christ’ is the reason.


– Denise Poole


Christmas Lights

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Love is here with its spark
Touching the hours divine
Christmas lights in the dark
On the roadway now shine

Bring in love and bring peace
Incarnate the thoughts true
Give your heart and unleash
Everything with kindness too

Hope is in each heart tonight
With harmony to every men
Come and share a candle light
When darkness is in the glen


– Peter S Quinn


A Christmas Gift

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In presence of the multitude,
I have shown barring no gift,
For what hath I worth thy child……

In glance of many gifts bestowen,
Frankensence, Muir, Silver, Gold,
For I posses nothing worth Lord……

In tater clothes I bow Mother Mary,
And confess the birth of virgin son,
Yet words fall short of glory be…..

As thy man Joseph smiles upon,
Watching o’er thy babe Jesus,
I surrender in humilitance unto my lack…..

In moment chance hold thy hand,
of the child that taketh my place,
For this tiny babe shall wash me clean…..

In this childs eyes my saving grace,
In his fathers hand thy mercy proclaims……


–  Geoff Warden


Christmas Time

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As the children prepare for Christmas and the toys they want
It’s a joy to watch as they help put the tree up and decorate it
The ornaments that get broken and the ones from when they were small
To sit back as they decorate Christmas cookies

The little ones who are celebrating their first Christmas
To watch them roll around in the snow and make snow angels
Take them sledding and help them make snow men
As we celebrate Christmas remember this is the day our savior was born

The falling snow and the cold chill of the air
As we watch the snow fall sitting in front of the fire
Cuddling with the one you love as the fire crackles
Laughing and joking with family members

Having a snowball fight out in the snow covered yard.
Being able to get along even when you don’t like a certain person
Talking about how your life is going and listening to old Christmas stories
Sitting at your grandpas feet as he tells the Christmas story of his past

Playing hide and seek
Hiding in the hall closet which is the best spot in the house to hide
Holding the door closed so they can’t get the door open
Play along with the little ones games and imaginations


– Jessica Roberts


Christmas Poem

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The sky is dark,
The stars are shining,
I can hear bells.
I can see something in the sky,
I can see a light which is red,
Just like Rudolph’s nose,
It must be the time of year,
What day is it today?
Oh no is Christmas Eve,
So it is Rudoph’s nose,
Trying to shine to lead the way.


– Claire Page

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to all

Have a wonderful and blessed day

Merry Christmas

25th December – On This Day In History

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1642 Isaac Newton (physicist – Gravity and the Laws of Motion)




1977 Charlie Chaplin (actor & comedian)



On This Day:

352 Earliest definitive date that Christmas would have been celebrated on the 25th December



Have a good, and blessed, Christmas – Monday 25th December

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