Christmas Joy

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How bright the Christmas lights
Oh, I enjoy every single one
Little elves are sparkling
So busy and on the run

Santa Claus and sleigh
Dazzling in the dark
A beautiful assortment
At homes or in the park

Brilliance across the water
Little soldier standing guard
Tree tall and magnificent
Such activity in the yards

There is stillness in the air
With the icy winter weather
Amidst the sparkling lights
At Christmas as we gather

So take that holiday stroll
Or drive around your town
There is happiness everywhere
Christmas joy is spread around!


– Marilyn Lott


Christmas Lights

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Love is here with its spark
Touching the hours divine
Christmas lights in the dark
On the roadway now shine

Bring in love and bring peace
Incarnate the thoughts true
Give your heart and unleash
Everything with kindness too

Hope is in each heart tonight
With harmony to every men
Come and share a candle light
When darkness is in the glen


– Peter S Quinn