27th May – On This Day In History

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1837 Wild Bill Hickok (American frontiersman)




1564 John Calvin (religious reformer and theologian) 



On This Day:

1958 First flight of the F-4 Phantom II



Have a good Sunday, 27th May

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22nd September – On This Day In History

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1958 Andrea Bocelli (tenor)




1539 Guru Nanak (founder of Sikhism)



On This Day:

1908 Bulgaria declares independence (from Ottoman Empire)



Have a good Friday, 22nd September

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To The Lord Generall Cromwell May 1652

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On The Proposalls Of Certaine Ministers At The Committee For
Propagation Of The Gospell

Cromwell, our cheif of men, who through a cloud
Not of warr onely, but detractions rude,
Guided by faith & matchless Fortitude
To peace & truth thy glorious way hast plough’d,
And on the neck of crowned Fortune proud
Hast reard Gods Trophies, & his work pursu’d,
While Darwen stream with blood of Scotts imbru’d,
And Dunbarr field resounds thy praises loud,
And Worsters laureat wreath; yet much remaines
To conquer still; peace hath her victories
No less renownd then warr, new foes aries
Threatning to bind our soules with secular chaines:
Helpe us to save free Conscience from the paw
Of hireling wolves whose Gospell is their maw.


– John Milton

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6th June – On This Day In History

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1935 Dalai Lama (spiritual leader of Tibet’s Buddhists)

The Dalai Lama greets Norwegian school children, prior a meeting in Oslo Tuesday, May 23, 2000. The Dalai Lama arrived on May 22, for a two day visit to Norway. (AP Photo/Cornelius Poppe/Scanpix)


1976 J Paul Getty (oil magnate and philanthropist)


On This Day:

1882 Henry Seely patents the electric iron


Have a great Saturday, 6th June.

Attack in Texas

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I’ll start by saying that I am fully in support of free speech. Everyone, as far as I am concerned, has the right to have an opinion, and express that opinion. But with free speech comes responsibility, and it is all too easy for some to use this right to deliberately hurt others.

Having said that, I also believe that being offended is most certainly not an excuse to shoot someone! I loath what is going on in the world at the moment – thugs and criminals masquerading as holy men and using their own warped translations of religion to slaughter the innocent. Taking advantage of the faith of young men and women and turning these into unthinking killers. Sent to murder not only innocent people in the Middle East, but also in the countries of the West.

What I don’t understand is why the organisers of the cartoon of Muhammad event in Texas ever thought that this was appropriate. Have these people now openly declared war on Islam in their state? Was this event set up deliberately to incite an attack?

I don’t know the answers. But the way I see it is that there are a lot of peace loving Muslims who also loath the acts of fundamentalists pretending to represent them. Organising an event like this, surely with the full knowledge of how offensive to Muslims this is, is pretty irresponsible. Religious tolerance implies respect.

Let’s work to eliminate the extremists and killers, folks. Not drive wedges through society.


16th April – Today in History

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A significant birth:

1867 Wilbur Wright (of Wright Brothers Fame)


A significant death:

1948 Babe Ruth (baseball legend)


Significant Event:

1724 First Easter observed


At Cross Road

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In the spirit of tolerance and peace, this poem…

Never but at cross road,
Are we at cross road?
Is there any load?
Why not we meet?
Even at cross road.

Are we blood thirsty?
And care for no one,
who may come but none?
Doesn’t concern everyone?
Even at cross road.

Can we not share?
Misery and poverty,
happiness and unhappiness,
hunger and roofless human,
even at cross road.

Why do we cut?
Burn the green forest,
and big trees,
do we want disaster?
Even at cross road.

Rain is scarce,
food also less,
nature is finished,
no bloom for ever,
even at cross road.

Why do we cut throat?
Merely for greed,
does the religion preach?
Priests or heads just teach
Even at cross road.

I may not survive,
peace may not revive,
nobody will also survive,
we will soon be extinct,
even at cross road.

Time is running out,
Still human race is not out,
We may still be in,
Kindness may be over,
Even at cross road,

Life is worth to live in,
forget not but just be in,
embrace but not embarrass them,
help but not reject them
Even at cross road.

We May still not adopt,
remain at large but not still opt,
is the nature so cruel?
Kill and get also killed?
Even at cross road

– Hamukh Amathalal


The Religious Tolerance Poem

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Devil and sage have to live
Profess differently but to believe
The life demands to live together
“Let people die” but we always differ

“It is piece of land on earth”
Heaven on earth but incurring deaths
People die of terrorist attack in succession
Politicians enjoy the strained relation

No help reaches to people
Natural calamity always forces to struggle
Youth is turning to violence
The atmosphere is really tense

Historical facts can’ be denied
People must be relied
The land can’t be separated

– Hasmukh Amathalal

Merely because minority has migrated

The religious tolerance is must
There has to be restoration of trust
Outside threat can be eliminated
Inside peace should be culminated