I Walk In The Sunshine

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I Walk In The Sunshine

I Walk In The Sunshine
You live in the night
You’re not where I’m going
My future is bright
I’ll live in the sunshine
I’ve chosen the light.


– Adeline Foster


Basket Of Sunshine

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I was given a basket of sunshine,
All wrapped in deepest blue.

I opened up God’s package,
And there my child was you.

Your cheeks so red and rosy,
And eyes that glistened deep.

For you were given to me from God above,
For all my life to love and keep.

One day I know I’ll have to go,
To my Father from which I came.

But the love I will leave you behind,
For always will remain.

Remembering times I held you,
And rocked you fast asleep.

Bruised knees, and cuts I tended,
Wiping tears falling down your cheeks.

I will always be here for you,
Even after I am gone.
Remember me, oh child of mine,
If only in a childhood song.

‘Rock A Bye Baby, In the tree top’,
When the wind blows, lifes’ cradle will rock,
If the bow breaks or looks as too fall, ‘
Remember I and God are near,
And will protect you from it all.


– Linda Winchell


A Little Bit Of Sunshine

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A little bit of sunshine every day,
Helps to keep the rain clouds far away.
A little bit of sunshine, for your soul,
Helps you to weather even bitter cold.

A little bit of sunshine in your week,
Helps pull you out of bed, when you are sick.
A little bit of sunshine on your brain,
Helps get out all bad feelings, and mental strain.

A little bit of sunshine in your life,
Helps you to deal, with all your stress and strife.
A little bit of sunshine at the start,
Can even help to heal a broken heart.


– Juan Olivarez


Little Ray Of Sunshine

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You’re the little ray of sunshine
when dark clouds cloud my mind,
that little ray of hope
when my mind is in despair.
When it gets unbearable,
you are always there
with a smile
to chase the gloom away.
You’re the little ray of sunshine
that awakens up my mind
from negative to positive
and makes my world fine.
You’re with me each day
come sunshine or rain
as a little ray of hope
to make things fine again.
That little ray of sunshine
every one of us needs.


– David Harris


The Sunshine Within

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On bleak days, with leaden skies,
when you don’t know where to begin.
Your head hurts and your heart cries,
look for the sunshine within.

After dark dreams of panic and fear,
when you almost break, almost give in.
All hope smashed, dreams far from here,
look for the sunshine within.

On foul days, with no rest in sight,
and you cannot force a grin.
Remember be calm, it will be alright,
you have the sunshine within.


– Jojoba Mansell


A Draught Of Sunshine

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Hence Burgundy, Claret, and Port,
Away with old Hock and madeira,
Too earthly ye are for my sport;
There’s a beverage brighter and clearer.
Instead of a piriful rummer,
My wine overbrims a whole summer;
My bowl is the sky,
And I drink at my eye,
Till I feel in the brain
A Delphian pain –
Then follow, my Caius! then follow:
On the green of the hill
We will drink our fill
Of golden sunshine,
Till our brains intertwine
With the glory and grace of Apollo!
God of the Meridian,
And of the East and West,
To thee my soul is flown,
And my body is earthward press’d. –
It is an awful mission,
A terrible division;
And leaves a gulph austere
To be fill’d with worldly fear.
Aye, when the soul is fled
To high above our head,
Affrighted do we gaze
After its airy maze,
As doth a mother wild,
When her young infant child
Is in an eagle’s claws –
And is not this the cause
Of madness? – God of Song,
Thou bearest me along
Through sights I scarce can bear:
O let me, let me share
With the hot lyre and thee,
The staid Philosophy.
Temper my lonely hours,
And let me see thy bowers
More unalarm’d!


– John Keats


A Gleam Of Sunshine

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This is the place. Stand still, my steed,
Let me review the scene,
And summon from the shadowy Past
The forms that once have been.

The Past and Present here unite
Beneath Time’s flowing tide,
Like footprints hidden by a brook,
But seen on either side.

Here runs the highway to the town;
There the green lane descends,
Through which I walked to church with thee,
O gentlest of my friends!

The shadow of the linden-trees
Lay moving on the grass;
Between them and the moving boughs,
A shadow, thou didst pass.

Thy dress was like the lilies,
And thy heart as pure as they:
One of God’s holy messengers
Did walk with me that day.

I saw the branches of the trees
Bend down thy touch to meet,
The clover-blossoms in the grass
Rise up to kiss thy feet,

“Sleep, sleep to-day, tormenting cares,
Of earth and folly born!”
Solemnly sang the village choir
On that sweet Sabbath morn.

Through the closed blinds the golden sun
Poured in a dusty beam,
Like the celestial ladder seen
By Jacob in his dream.

And ever and anon, the wind,
Sweet-scented with the hay,
Turned o’er the hymn-book’s fluttering leaves
That on the window lay.

Long was the good man’s sermon,
Yet it seemed not so to me;
For he spake of Ruth the beautiful,
And still I thought of thee.

Long was the prayer he uttered,
Yet it seemed not so to me;
For in my heart I prayed with him,
And still I thought of thee.

But now, alas! the place seems changed;
Thou art no longer here:
Part of the sunshine of the scene
With thee did disappear.

Though thoughts, deep-rooted in my heart,
Like pine-trees dark and high,
Subdue the light of noon, and breathe
A low and ceaseless sigh;

This memory brightens o’er the past,
As when the sun, concealed
Behind some cloud that near us hangs
Shines on a distant field.


– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


A Summer’s Evening

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As I walk down the streets,
I hear the sweet singing of the birds,
I feel the warm breeze on my face,
I smell the fresh summer air,
I see the smile on everyones faces,
It makes me laugh.

I approach my house,
I look forward to a hot drink and a biscuit,
I walk through the door,
And I smell the sweet scent of the air freshener,
I throw off my shoes,
I slip into my slippers,
And I sit in front of the roaring fire, as the night gets closer.


– Sophie Shaw


A Summer Storm

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There’s going to be a thunderstorm quite soon,
The air is still, the sky is growing darker,
Clouds tower above and menacingly loom.
I’m sitting in the summer house beneath
The apple tree, late afternoon. Out there
And unaware of me are lots of birds.
They seem to lead such active busy lives:
Two swallows flutter in among and under-
neath the apple leaves to seek out flies
That congregate and shelter there, in vain;
The little perky nut-brown jenny wren
With jaunty tail is like a tiny mouse,
Now here, now there, and everywhere she goes;
On centre stage the tattered father blackbird
Who all summer long has toiled each day
His ever hungry importuning young
To feed is here attended by two portly
Daughters whose gaping bills he tries to fill;
From time to time the curious bright-eyed robin
Comes to sit upon the chimonière
From where he looks at me, the only bird
To know that I am watching from within.

The stage begins to clear then when a peal
Of thunder says the storm is nearly here.
The pattering on the wooden roof begins
To quicken, rain falls upon the paving stones
Outside in furious floods until again
It slackens and becomes desultory.
The stage is empty now, the curtain down,
All actors gone save for the garden toad
Who slowly crawls across the dampened grass
Enjoying all this wetness everywhere,
With raindrops sliding off his wrinkled skin.
And afterwards when now the storm has passed
A cool and welcome freshness fills the air,
The curtain lifts, and one by one the cast
Returns to centre stage, the play goes on.


– Pete Crowther


Hot Summer Night

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It was stifling in bed yet you
lay with a sheet undulating
with your breath, like a sail
in a gentle breeze.

I thought you were asleep until
I saw your hand move to where
your garden blooms, and your
smile said you weren’t.


– Jerry Hughes